5GX Reverse Bungy Tour

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Than 5GX Bali Reverse Bungy is best for you. The 5GX Reverse Bungy is the only thing that will get you high in Bali, legally!

This ride locate between the borders of Kuta and Legian’s. This ride is one of an excitement booster which gives you memorable moment for whole life. Its a three person’s ride, around two people’s required on the ride. In this ride, you have to sit on steel football and lock the seat belt. The steel football launch in the high air, jumping and rotating for a couple of moments.

The ride takes you 60 meters up and down at high speeds in around 2 seconds. You will experience 5g force here. Put your best face on, though – you’re recorded on a GoPro! Lastly, a good portrait to frame and hold on the wall. The fun ‘catapult’ concept created in New Zealand about 20 decades ago and has been distributing to 15 nations all over the world. The main to totally enjoy this ride is kept laughing and screaming out noisy to avoid any panic attack.

5GX Bali - Reverse Bungy Tour

The management team of 5GX Bali makes sure the protection of the people. You will secure properly into your seats using an airplane safety belt and the employees check your seat belt three times. Each ride launch recorded by a computer. Which informs the operator when the bungee cables need to be replace to make sure the flexibility is still strong and does not become too worn. Schedule safety assessments and servicing are perform every day by the professionals. So, don’t fear, you are in good hands. Set aside your hang-ups and enjoy the excitement.

The cost of the ride is dependent on how many people are on the ride. For two people, the ride charges IDR 350,000 per person (USD 26). If three people are riding, the charges drop to IDR 250,000 per person (USD 19).

5GX Bali address and Contact:

Address: Jl. Legian No.99, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Phone No: 0878-6063-5464
Website: www.facebook.com/5gxbali/

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