Cusco City

Cusco is a best tourist destinations in Peru and the city located near the Urubamba Valley of the Andes mountain range. The site was the ancient capital of the Inca Empire from the Thirteenth until the Sixteenth millennium Spanish conquest. UNESCO has declared the Cusco as a World Heritage Site in 1983.


Cuzco is a gorgeous city with well preserved colonial structure, evidence of a wealthy and complex history. The town is symbolizes the middle of natural Quechua lifestyle in the Andes, and by merely walking the roads one sees the layers of history. Spanish colonial structures constructed directly on top of Inca walls line the square, while the modern tourist nightlife is rise in their midst.


The town enclosed by a number of remains, the most amazing being Sacsayhuaman, the site of the 1536 fight in which a multitude of Pizarro’s men charged uphill to fight the forces of the Inca.

Nowadays, the city is the most significant and most secure city from which visitors can start trips to Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and other Inca Empire Heritage sites in the region.


The town is home of most significant museums and galleries. Such as : Papa Museo, Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo, Museo Historico Regional, Museo de Arte Popular, Sacred, Magical and Medicinal Plants Museum and many more which represents the history of inca empire.


Thing to do

In the San Pedro Market, there are lots of Colorful and vibrant items available for purchasing. The tourist can also enjoy the varieties of national and international cuisine in market restaurants.

Walk close to the Plaza de Armas the square has chapels, stores, dining places and bars support on to it and is a excellent place to spend an afternoon. The ancient middle of Cuzco is amazing, but you will have to deal with all the road providers and hawkers of inexpensive artwork and other gifts.

A fantastic small salsa school providing private and group classes at little price in two central locations.

Day Trips

Cochahuasi Animal Sanctuary is the one-of-a-kind rehab center started by a family of biologists. Which provides the home to animals injured or victimized by poaching.

Rio Apurimac-rafting :-  If you have extra time, try and raft the 3 or 4 days Rio Apurimac. The true source of the Amazon and one of the top ten rafting rivers in the world.

Lease a motorbike. There are several stores on Calle Plateros, just northern of Plaza de Armas, that rent motorbikes for the day. You do not even need a motorbike license, basically any type of driving certificate from your house nation.

Go para-gliding over the Sacred Place. The scenery is amazing. One very experienced proprietor is Leo.



The city well connected by Air, Rail and road transports. The airport is at the side of the town. There are everyday internal flights to and from Lima and Arequipa The following airlines offer flights to/from Cuzco: Latam, Avianca, Peruvian Airlines, LC Peru, StarPeru and Amaszonas. Cuzco is also connected to Machu Picchu and Puno by Train.

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