Imagica Theme Park

An international standard theme park near Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala. Imagica Theme Park offers entertainment, fun, action, relaxation, dining and shopping at a single location. With 25 rides and attractions, and several F&B outlets to choose from.

Imagica Theme Park is the perfect destination for friends and family alike. Bump into our lovable characters of Tubbby – The Elephant, Roberto – The Star Chef, The Lost Astronaut, Mogambo of Mr. India fame and The Gingerbread Man as you hop from one ride to another.

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Family Rides in Imagica Theme Park

Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr : The Sultan is in a grave situation and the future of the kingdom of Gulabad is in your hands now. Forty thieves have trespassed into the city walls and pose a threat to its treasures. It is upon you to retain the pride of this kingdom. So, brace those laser guns and target all those forty thieves hidden in the city! Once you board your vehicle, you will feel like you are a part of a video game.

Bump It Boats : This attraction is a water based version of the bumpin’ cars. It’s quite simple. Pick your super awesome motored raft and buckle up. Select your target, race toward them in your raft and then bump!

Cinema 360 – Prince Of The Dark Waters : Take a virtual dive deep into the ocean and discover a world you didn’t know even existed! Watch the larger than life mermaids swim in the 360 Dome film that will be showcased all around and above you on a massive screen of 3100 sq. ft. Will the Dark Prince ever be rid of his curse? Come find out and watch this mesmerising film that is seamlessly projected using 6 individual Christie projectors- a feat in visual storytelling!

I For India : The stunning sights of India never looked so beautiful! We will soar like a bird above the gorgeous landscapes; so buckle up as the ride elevates you to amazing heights. This spectacular film, shot from a helicopter, is displayed on a 90 feet wide screen. The only way to fly!

Loch Ness Explorers : The mythical Loch Ness monster, which has emerged in the Scottish lake, is far from a monster. This adorable creature now creates rapids on the flume through your water ride.

Mambo Chai Chama – Crazy Tea Cup : Mambo Chai Chama, which means ‘crazy tea party’ is a classic tea cups attraction with a twist. True to its name, this ride has tea cups spinning around in frenzy. If you are feeling adventurous, you could make your tea cup spin faster for a super exciting experience. So, kids, pull in your parents, because age is not a bar when you are having loads of fun. Swing and spin, twirl and whirl in these Crazy Tea Cups called Mambo Chai Chama. A perfect family ride, these tea cups serve excitement and adventure.

Motion Box Theatre : A Motion Simulator Ride. This unique attraction is a 4D cinema where a stereoscopic 2D or 3D film plays on the screen and the seats add the 4th dimension by way of vibration, aromas etc.

Mr. India : Once again, Mogambo khush hua! Why? Mr. India is back! And so are Seema, Calendar, and the kids along with a new side-kick robot, Toota Phoota. And, they are faced with yet another battle against terror. So, get on to Mr. India’s iconic car for an adventurous ride and help him fight against evil.

Rajasaurus River Adventure : Dr. Roy, a renowned scientist is obsessed with dinosaurs; the mighty Rajasaurus in particular. Join this mad scientist in his quest for the greatest discovery of his life, and yours too! Transport yourself to the world of ferocious dinosaurs by riding this unnerving water boat adventure packed with sudden twists and ambush turns. Beware of the Rajasaurus, a dinosaur mightier than the T-Rex, who doesn’t see you as tourists, but lunch! So, bon voyage and hope you make it back to our world safely!

Salimgarh : Salimgarh-dungeons, torture rooms and a princess trapped for eternity. Would you dare encounter these and live to tell the tale? Attempt to navigate these eerie corridors only if you think you can get out alive!

Save the Pirate : Get ready to build up those muscles for your pirate friend. He is stranded on the top of the tower and you must row your boat as fast as you can to get to the top to rescue him. Mind you, mighty tots, the first boat to get to the top, wins.

Splash Ahoy! : Get on board the pirate boats armed with deadly water guns. Target your opponents, duck from their aim and save yourself from getting drenched by enemy pirates. Even bystanders could attack you and get you completely wet.

The Detective Bow Wow Show : Bow Wow is a bumbling and incompetent international police detective. He often finds himself entangled with problems he creates for himself and frequently leads to misfortune for himself and others. He has this uncanny knack of pulling a rabbit out of the hat as the lady luck shines on him graciously. Bow Wow frequently follows a completely idiotic theory of the crime, solving the case only by accident.

Wrath of the Gods : A noted archaeologist has discovered the ruins of a temple which has remained unearthed for centuries. But, this is no ordinary temple. It is home to the forces of the Elements. Will they receive the archaeologist and his guests with a warm welcome or unleash their wrath?

Family Rides in Imagica Theme Park

Kids Rides in Imagica Theme Park

Happy Wheels : Driving School is an attraction to teach children how to drive and the basic rules of real life driving. Stopping with the red light, give way, what to do when turning right or left, use right lane. The ride includes a double-seater car with real dashboard, seat belts, brake and accelerator pedal.

Humpty’s Fall : Humpty’s Fall is a mini drop ride; an evergreen one for the kids. With a short 10 meter height, this tower rotates 360 degrees while it goes up and down. Mum and Dad can take a seat, and jump happily up and down, together with their kids.

The Magic Carousel : he carousel, is a must – do for the child in you.Our Arabic carousel with attractive paintings and a variety of seats will make you indulge in the innocent child – like fun. With faint giggles and cute shrieks of the little ones, this is a treat you will never forget.

Tubbby Takes Off : Tubbby, the cute baby elephant without any skills has only one friend at the circus- Michel, the trapeze artist. One day as Tubbby leapt forward to save Michel from a fall, he flew! Was that a freak chance or a miracle? Tubbby will find out. He has been all the circus tricks from Michel and he believes that when the moment is right, he shall fly again.

Wagon-O-O-Wheel : Wagon-O-O-Wheel is a mini Ferris wheel for the kids. At a height of a little over 10 meters and equipped with 6 carts, this one is not only exciting for the kids, but also brings back some nostalgic moments for Mum and Dad.

Kids Rides in Imagica Theme Park

Thrill Rides in Imagica Theme Park

Dare 2 Drop : Gear up for an extreme thrill adventure. Because, this wild ride will shoot you like a rocket in the sky in a matter of seconds. Before you can even soak in the view or try and compose yourself, you will experience a total free fall from the height of 132 feet.

Deep Space : This coaster is uniquely constructed inside a massive dome, which itself is a sight from miles away. The Deep Space coaster works on the Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) magnetic launch. Unlike a normal roller coaster, which makes a slow first climb, this dark coaster will shoot you to crazy speeds in a matter of mere seconds.

Gold Rush Express : This exciting coaster will take you through the world of old American West. From the ravines and the ranch grounds of the cowboys to the parlours and the saloons of the pistol wielding outlaws and sheriffs. This ripping ride will drop you from the height of 66 feet and send you speeding through tunnels and abandoned gold mines at a thrilling speed of 65 km/h.

Nitro : India’s biggest and wildest roller coaster, the Nitro. Standing at a staggering 132-feet high with over 2800 feet of track length, Nitro provides an adrenaline rush during the 150 seconds of pure excitement! It goes through five exciting inversions and loops.

Scream Machine : This thrill ride is surely for the crazy ones. If you are looking for absolute disorientation, get seated. The scream machine first gathers some momentum by spinning. Just when you think you could handle it, it starts to swing. And not like a silly swing at the park.

Thrill Rides in Imagica Theme Park

How to reach Imagica Theme Park ?

Travel toward Navi Mumbai (Vashi, Palm Beach Road, Belapur, Kharghar, Kalamboli) and get onto the Mumbai Pune Expressway (Yashwantrao Chawan Expressway).
Exit the Mumbai Pune Expressway at the Khalapur Toll Plaza. Distance from start of the Mumbai Pune Expressway, at Kalamboli (McDonald’s), to the Khalapur exit is approx. 33 km.
Take the immediate exit on the left after the Toll Plaza.
Within 500m of the exit, take the sharp right turn to access the road over bridge on to Khopoli Pali Road (SH 92).
Follow the signs to reach Imagica after approx. 3 km.

Theme Park Tickets

Deal Days : Happy Tuesdays
Limited tickets at Rs. 999/guest, on pre-booking only.

Weekdays : Monday, Wednesday-Friday
For Adults : Rs. 1299
For child : Rs. 1099
For College Student : Rs. 1149
For Express : Add Rs. 1000/ticket

Weekends : Saturday-Sunday
For adult : Rs. 1499
For child : Rs. 1299
For College Student : Rs. 1349
For Express : Add Rs. 1000/ticket

Peak Season : Everyday, except Tuesday
For adult : Rs. 1899
For child : Rs. 1499
For college student : Rs. 1699
For Express : Add Rs. 1200/ticket

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Imagica Theme Park Rides

Imagica Theme Park Timings

10.00 am – 06.00 pm

Imagica Theme Park Location

30/31, Khopoli-Pali Road, SH 92, Off Mumbai-Pune Express Way, Sangdewadi, Tal-Khalapur, Dist-Raigad, Khopoli, Maharashtra 410203
Phone Number: 022 4213 0405

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