Kite-Surfing in Bali

Kite-surfing in most popular activity in Bali. It’s like a normal surfing, but it definitely brings your wave riding excitement to the next level. It is an extreme water sport. it mixed with water surfing and kite-flying. Kite surfing, also known as Kite boarding which is a famous water sport in the worlds.

The speed of Kite-surfing, the funambulist’s tricks of Kite boarding, the easy carving on waves of surfers and the amazing jumps that make you actually fly…

Why you’ll love Kite Surfing in Bali!

  • Huge flat beach area for beginner and wave spots for all levels.
  • Sanur has a big flat water area. That is short and straight off the beach making it the excellent place to learn Kite Surfing.
  • Bali is a beautiful island. Surrounded by brilliant aqua blue waters boasting white-sand beach vacations and beautiful hotels.

You should know that there are several windy months in Bali. The ideal period is from June to Sept, usually July and August. This is also the great tourist time so a lot of people are on this island. The wind is also abnormal with around 15 knots on the east coast (Sanur) and a regular of 20 knots on the west coast (Canggu).


Bali, and Indonesia in basic, are famous for the waves. You have the chance of kitesurfing on the reef most of the time, with some excellent flat areas at particular places.

At Sanur

The very first place where it is possible to kite-surf is the Sanur Beach, in the south of the island. The wind is on the beach most of the time and around 15 knots on average. The water is smooth in the lagoon which offers a great navigation area. Get ready have fun with trying out the kite-surfing on the Beach. But only if you are professional and careful of the tides. Kite-surfing is possible here only with good tides and 50 percent tides.

At Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is on the similar coast as Sanur. The placed on the south-east side of Bali. It is the biggest sand beach where the several luxury hotels. You can kite-surfing in the high tide, on the flat.

At Canggu

This place is on the other side of the island. The wind blows more powerful at this area as it will increase across the land. It is the main fact which makes it a spot for experienced kite surfers only. The waves are usually strong and excellent quality.

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