Running of the Bulls

The Running of the Bulls is a exercise that includes running in front of a small group of cattle, typically six, of the toro bravo breed that have been let loose on a course of a sectioned-off subset of a city’s streets. The most popular running of the bulls is the eight-day festival of Sanfermines in honour of Saint Fermin in Pamplona, while they are also usually organised in other locations such as towns and villages across Spain, Portugal, in some cities in Mexico, and southern France during the summer.

The beginning of this event arrives from the need to carry the bulls from the fields outside the city, where they were bred, to the bullring, where they would be killed in the evening. During this ‘run’, young people would jump among them to show off their bravado. In Pamplona and other places, the six bulls in the occasion are still those that will aspect in the afternoon bullfight of the same day.

Bulls Race

Spanish custom says the true beginning of the run began in northeastern Spain during the early 14th century. While carrying cattle in order to sell them at the market, men would try to speed the process by hurrying their cattle using techniques of fear and excitement. After years of this process, the transportation and rushing began to turn into a competition, as young adults would effort to race in front side of the bulls and make it safely to their pens without being overtaken. When the acceptance of this practice increased and was noticed more and more by the increasing population of Spanish cities, a tradition was created and stands to this day.

Dress Code for Running of the Bulls Festival

there is no proper dress code, the very common and conventional outfit is white pants, white shirt with a red scarf around the waist and a red handkerchief around the neck. The bulk of runners are likewise dressed, many times with red wine spots from the past night or before in the festival.


The Running of the Bulls Dates

6 July – 14 July

The Running of the Bulls Locations


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