Things to do on Gili Islands

This is one of tourist popular locations in the world! There are so many remarkable things to do on Gili Island, and the area is amazingly gorgeous. It’s also one of the greatest party islands in South-East Asia. But there’s much more to this place. From swimming with turtles every day, eating yummy food, and beautiful sunsets. You’ll seriously never want to get away from Gili Island.

There are also amazing things you can do in this Island. Enjoy these choices of the best factors you can do on the Gilis, and get more out of your isle escape!

1. Hit up the Beach Bars!

Upon getting on the coast of Trawangan, you’re quickly welcomed by the row of beach bars and eating places. These places light up the beach through later hours. Frequent party with live reggae bands, and some offers DJs pumping out groovy beats. Bars offers great cocktails and fire dancers on the sand make the night time spectacular. Some places feature fireworks daily, topping the rebelling mood which this ‘party island’ offers.

2. Diving…

The rich waters marked with leading dive sites. Attracting the divers from all around the world. Its crystal clear waters providing amazing visibility all year-round. Worldwide dive providers providing rental visits and certified classes for every level. There are around 19 dive sites. The popular site is known as a Shark Point, Manta Point, Meno Wall, Bounty Wreck, and one is a bio-rock project zone. You can borrow Diving and snorkeling equipment almost from every corner.

3. Snorkeling with sea turtles

The Gili islands do a great work in protecting sea turtles. If you visit Gili Island you can’t miss the hatchery right on the main beach. If you are in one of the right spots. Ask somebody local where that is you. You can spot sea turtles when snorkeling right off the beach. Snorkeling in crystal clear water with a sea turtle is the excellent way to spend and enjoy the mid-day. Keep in mind to respect the turtles and don’t touching them.


4. Go sea kayaking?

You’ll even be able to get up near to the sea on the resort’s unique glass-bottomed kayaks. It’s exactly as its name explains, the kayak has a clear glass base. So you can look through and explore the sea from above!

Sea Kayaking

5. Bike around the island

You can drive a bicycle around the any of the three Gili islands in less than an hour. But if you carry swimwear and diving equipment and take time splash in the water. A trip along the coast road can convert into a day trip. Remember to bring drinking water.

Cycling around the island

6. Surfing

There are a couple of surf spots on the Gilis, mostly in the southeast of Gili Island, but also on Gili Meno and Gili Air. The southwest coasts of Gili Air have a good range of year-round breaks, with nice swells in the dry season. If you didn’t bring your surfboard, rentals are not difficult to find. Gili Meno offering fewer swells, however on its day. Fewer Visitors means you get all the play area for yourself. Meno is only a small island get the boat trip from Main Island and Air.

7.  Hiking

The scene from the rim into the crater of Mount Rinjani is as amazing. It is more than the value of uphill travel to reach it. Rinjani situated on Lombok. So, you have to cross the water and travel for the approximately hour to reach the foot of the volcano.

Several tour operators on the Gilis organize tours to Rinjani. Also, provide the help you with equipment. Prices and trip lengths differ from 1 day/1 night to week long hiking trips. You usually get what you pay for it. So it might be valued spending a little extra to get good information and an update on the food.

8. See the sunset

Look to the west side of the island you are staying on. Find a spot in the sand or a chair in a beach bar. Enjoy the sun color the sky orange as the sun sets behinds Bali’s Mount Agung. On the main Island, there are two popular sunset cafes. They are about half hours walk or 10 min on the bicycle from the docking station. Where people gather for a drink before the sunsets.

9. Visit the night market

Near About 6 pm daily at the market square in front of the boat dock on Gili Island the night market takes place. Where you can eat at low costs. It’s difficult to ignore or miss it! A wide variety of various specialties provided. Such as fresh fish, seafood, Sate of all kinds, different rice, noodle dishes, vegetables, grilled corn and much more. Strongly suggested is the Nasi Campur stand near the entry which is nearest to the boat dock. Nasi Campur is a standard Indonesian rice dish with vegetables, eggs, tofu, peanuts, some meat and fried noodles. At other stalls, you should try a grilled Red Snapper, which cost about 100,000 rupiahs (about € 8), together with rice, vegetables, and tofu for 2 persons. Treat yourself to dessert with a grilled, spiced with chili sauce corn on the cob for around € 1.

The Night Market in Gili

10. Relax the muscles!

When you’ve had your rounds of adventures in the Gilis. You’ll need to relax your muscles a bit. Great spas line the main south-eastern beach road on Trawangan. Some offering wonderful therapy beds facing the open ocean. Classic massages and essential oils are similar to what you would find in Bali. Open-air reflexology centers with smooth couches are available along the seaside walking. Simply step to get relax!

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