Vegas Indoor Skydiving Tour


If you desired to experience the excitement of skydiving, but the thought of bouncing out of a plane worries the bejeezus out you, there is even now hope with Vegas Indoor Skydiving. After viewing a quick protection video and demo, you will be fitted into your jumpsuit, helmet and gloves. It suggest to wear comfortable clothes, a short-sleeved shirt and tennis shoes is sufficient. Instead of falling down you will soar up, within a cushioned wind flow tunnel with a fan that produces wind gusts up to 120 miles/hour. Once the propeller started into full gear, you will flow high above the netted ground.


Every individual has a total of three turns to fly. On 1st turn, trainer assists to adjust your form. You will lie on your stomach on top of the net and before you know it, you are up in the air. On 2nd turn, you will have more of an idea what to assume. This time, you will bounce to the middle and fly up. And if you do well on 3rd round, your teainer will rotate you in circles, flip you over on your back and even fly with you.


Vegas Indoor Skydiving Timings

Open 7 Days A Week


Vegas Indoor Skydiving Tickets

Single Flight : $75
for online booking

Repeat Flight : $50
for online booking

15 Minute Block : $325
for online booking

30 Minute Block : $550
for online booking

1 Hour Block : $1,000
for online booking


Vegas Indoor Skydiving Location

200 Convention Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States
Phone Number : +1 702-731-4768
E Mail :
Website :

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