World Bodypainting Festival

The World Bodypainting Festival is an yearly bodypainting celebration and competition held in Pörtschach, Austria on lake Wörthersee. It attracts artists from 45 countries and attracts 30.000 plus spectators. The WBF is organised during the summer season of June/July. It includes a pre-week followed by 3 primary times of the festival/competition. The pre-week includes classes and part activities.

The classes offer many educational programs and training by leading artists in brush & sponge, airbrush, effects, beauty make-up, head dressing including colour concept and history. All classes are run and managed under the WB Academy and are also planned throughout the year in various places globally.

The 3 major days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday are open to the common public in a park also known as Bodypaint City on lake Wörthersee where the Planet, Special and Amateur Prizes are held. The event is open to both adults and children and is viewed as a family friendly environment.

The celebration was 1st designed and introduced in 1998 in Seeboden, Austria as the European Bodypainting Festival in order to enhance summer season tourism to the area by then tourism manager Alex Barendregt. It was a small get together of artists and the 1st “boutique event” of its kind in the planet. Also launched in combination was the WB Academy, which in 2008 was offered worldwide.

Due to the improving attendance of foreign artists and supporters to the event, in 2004 the celebration was renamed to “The World Bodypainting Festival” and in 2011 Mr. Barendregt left his position at the tourist office and shifted the festival to its new home in Pörtschach, Austria on lake Wörthersee. These days it is the most significant annual event in the bodypainting culture, community and industry at large.

Festival schedule (2017) :

July 28 – 30, 2017

Klagenfurt at the lake Wörthersee, Austria

Pre Program from July 24

Programm Schema 2017

Festival Tickets(2017) :

Header Tickets Main days 24 – 30 July 2017

EarlyBird on site
3 Day Bodies & Beats
Festival Pass
€ 40  € 69 wb shop button20px
3 Day VIP PINK Lounge incl. Photo ticket € 389  € 429 wb shop button20px
*** Day ticket – Friday, Saturday or Sunday
€ 20  € 25 wb shop button20px
1 Day VIP PINK Lounge incl. Photo ticket € 189  € 229 wb shop button20px

Header Specials

* Photo Pass incl.
Bodies & Beats Pass
€ 169 € 189 wb shop button20px
** WB Academy Pass incl Bodies & Beats Pass
€ 359 € 449 wb shop button20px
Body Circus, the surreal ball, 26. July
€ 19 € 25 wb shop button20px
General Information

(Limited) Happy Hour Tickets are available from 11.00 am – 04.00 pm for € 19 on site only.

Children 12 years and younger accompanied by an adult get free entrance.

We strictly follow the national youth protection regulations.

VIP tickets include all food and drink offers in the PINK Lounge as well as access to all photo zones.

VIP Lounge Details


Arrival :

by Car : Address: Hauptstrasse 153, 9210 Pörtschach, AUSTRIA

During the main days, there are parking sites provided on both sides of Pörtschach!

by Train: The entrance to “Bodypaint City” is just 300 meters away from the intercity train station “Pörtschach am Wörthersee”!
Timetable details

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